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Our mission is to help and assist the community by introducing the byproduct of the hemp plant.

My name is Gregory Lovato; I grew up in Denver Colorado and joined the army on my 19th birthday in 1997 as an infantryman. I retired with an honorable discharged after 21 years of service. In those 21 years, I deployed multiple times to various countries. With my experiences, I have learned what anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) truly is.  While I was in service, I was fearful of experimenting with Cannabidiol (CBD) due to a urinalysis coming out positive, as a result of my miseducation of CBD. I am the byproduct of the results that CBD produces. I am not just selling to obtain a profit but to help others just like myself. 

CBD has slowed down my thought process and given me the calmness and focus I needed to interact with clientele across my platform. Along with my family, I have learned that the calm effects of CBD have tremendously helped my relationship with my wife and my three children. Anyone that seeks to improve themselves by eliminating pharmaceutical drugs in a natural way should try CBD.

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